Bravo Music everthing for string player
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ᵹҧ Wenger Classic 50
: Wenger
: MST03

ᵹҧ Wenger Classic 50
The next generation of music stands
The Classic 50 stand is the end result of a half-century of experience with music educators just like you. By thoroughly understanding your day-to-day needs and recurring problems, we've been able to create a music stand that delivers traditional elegance without all the traditional headaches.

The Classic 50 weighs just 6 1/ 2 lbs. (2.9kg). Its special polymer material has an inherent tensile strength that will not bend or dent like metal. Add striking looks and quiet, rattle-free operation and you have a refined performance stand that's also tough enough to handle the hardships of the classroom.
Ҥ : 8,000

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
ᵹҧ Wenger Bravo
: Wenger
: MST04

ᵹҧ Wenger Bravo The finest stand earns the greatest applause.
Wengers revolutionary Bravo Stands are more than just elegant - theyre nearly indestructible thanks to a polystyrene composite desk that wont chip, bend or dent. Plus, Bravos sophisticated styling fits any occasion and the exceptional overall quality means Bravo stands will perform beautifully for years.

Base is welded - not bolted - to eliminate wobbles, leaning and the need for tightening.
Patented desk-height adjuster moves up and down easily and holds securely in place.
Accessory shelf keeps items such as pencils and reeds in a convenient spot.
Ҥ : 7,500
ᵹҧ Wenger Preface
: Wenger
: MST08

ᵹҧ Wenger Preface
- ҵöҧشŧõҧ - Ѻѡ ͧշء
- ͧ鵻Ѻŧͧع ͹öѺŧ
- öŧ ҧŧ
- ԹʴؤسҾդç
- çҧй˹ѡ ҵ駹˹ѡ§ 2.9 .
- ͧҧ 20 x 12.5 , Ѻ٧ 26 48
- Դ駧 ҹѹ
Ҥ : 6,900

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
ᵹҧŧ Wenger Roughneck
: Wenger
: MST09

ᵹҧŧ Wenger
The Roughneck stand is a great investment because it's so durable and easy to afford. Its welded base always stands up straight, never leans or wobbles, and never needs tightening. And the newly improved height adjuster keeps the desk top from coming off the stem.
Ҥ : 5,800
ᵹѺҷҡ Wenger Flex
: Wenger
: MST11

ᵹѺҷҡ Wenger Flex

Used alone or as part of the Flex Conductors System, the Flex? Conductors Stand lets personalize your space in a professional manner.

The Wenger Advantage

Enhance Your Personal Style Dual-lock desk and trigger release height adjustment makes positioning the stand easier.
Stay Organized Optional baskets keep everything within reach. TechBridges with optional accessories let you configure a keyboard, laptop, iPad, desk surface, cup holder and more all within easy reach.
Good Looks Professional, contemporary styling with choice of clear polycarbonate or high-pressure laminate desk.
Easy Mobility Wheeled base allows easy transport from one venue to another.


Polycarbonate or high-pressure laminate desk in a graphite finish
Desk is 27" w x 20" d (69 x 51 cm)
Dual-lock desk rotates and locks into position so the lip may be toward or away from the user
Desk tilts from flat to vertical
Desk height is adjustable from 30" - 48" (76 cm - 1.2 m)
Cast iron base with wheels for easy transport


Product Sheet
Technical Sheet
Owner's Manual
Basket Accessory Manual
Ҥ : 50,000
ᵹѺҷҡ (conductor) Wenger Preface
: Wenger
: MST12

ᵹѺҷҡ (conductor) Wenger Preface

The refined desk, high-end black finish, and dual posts give this stand all the appearances of a much more expensive piece of equipment. And the durable, stable design with ample desk space and under storage enhance that sensation. Thankfully, that's Wenger engineering at work, because the Preface? Conductor's Stand is actually exceptionally affordable. It's also extremely lightweight and easy to use. In fact, it's been exquisitely fine-tuned to give conductors more stand for less money.


Easy-to-use economy and aesthetics make it ideal for all musical environments, including rehearsal rooms and performance areas

Performance Requirements

Curved desk design
Lightweight but durable metal construction weighs only 15.3 lbs 3oz (6.8 kg)
Wobble-free base attachment
Integrated storage keeps all the conductor's needs nearby and out-of-sight
Tilting desk allows for easy angle adjustment


Sturdy 1.2-mm-thick aluminum desk
Music desk dimensions: 18-1/2" x 29" (47 cm x 74 cm)
2-mm-thick aluminum storage box extends full width of desk for enhanced strength
Storage box dimensions: 12-1/2" x 25" x 2" (32 cm x 64 cm x 5 cm)
Integrated storage box design allows access from both sides and prevents spills if desk is tipped
Bolt-through desk attachment maintains stability and prevents unexpected separation
Brass spring height adjustment mechanisms set desk quickly and securely from 25-1/2" to 49-1/2", desk lip to floor (65 cm to 125 cm)
19" x 21" (48 cm x 53 cm) base footprint for exceptional stability
Double upright posts sit in base collars to eliminate wobble
12-gauge double base with 14-gauge tie bar further enhance strength and stability
Durable black powder coat paint finish for a formal appearance


Product Sheet
Technical Sheet
Stand Assembly Instructions
Ҥ : 25,000
ᵹ Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart
: Wenger
: MST20

ᵹ Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart
- Ҵ 27.5" x 68"
- çҹ͡ҹ٧
- ʹҹҧҴ˭ç
- èʵ Bravo 18 ,RoughNeck 20 , Classic50 20 , Preface 24
- ͹§§褹
Ҥ : 62,000
ᵹ Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart
: Wenger
: MST21

ᵹ Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart

- çҹ͡ҹ٧
- ʹҹҧҴ˭ç
- èʵ Bravo 9 , Classic 50 , Preface 12
- ͹§§褹
Ҥ : 39,000
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