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᡹俿 Flykeys FP6 Digital Grand Piano
: Flykeys
: EPFGP110

᡹俿 Flykeys FP6 Digital Grand Piano

Baby Grand style, Polished cabinet

Italian Fatar 88 Grand-ResponseTM Key trends with hammer action & dynamic curve

Independent developed DSP chip, a German famous grand piano sound sample

Polyphony: 512

26 voices, 30 rhythms

Bluetooth audio.
Ҥ : 106,000
俿 Flykeys FK100 Digital Piano
: Flykeys
: EPFK100

俿 Flykeys FK100 Digital Piano

Foldable key cover upright piano;

Italian 88 key Grand-Response hammer action & dynamic curve keyboard;

European top DSP chip, Famous 9foot concert grand piano sound sample;

Individual speaker system;

Bluetooth Audio.
Ҥ : 33,000
俿 Flykeys FP6 Digital Piano
: Flykeys

俿 Flykeys FP6 Digital Piano

Portable digital piano (X stand, Ustand, Wood stand, 3pedal Optional);

Independent development 88 keys dynamic curve hammer action

weighted keyboard;

European Spectral Composite techniques DSP chip. German famous

Grand Piano sound sampling, string overtones resonance simulation sound


31 voices,75 demos;

Bluetooth audio;

14kg net weight.
Ҥ : 25,000
俿 Flykeys FP9 Digital Piano
: Flykeys

俿 Flykeys FP9 Digital Piano

Portable digital piano (X stand, Ustand, Wood stand, 3pedal Optional);

Independent development 88 keys dynamic curve hammer action weighted keyboard;

Independent developed the fourth generation DSP sound source, German famous Schimmel Grand 9 foot Piano sound sampling .

512 polyphony, 26 voices, 30 rhythms, 50 demos;

Bluetooth audio;

12.5kg net weight.

Ҥ : 30,000
俿 Flykeys LK03S Digital Piano
: Flykeys
: EPLK03

俿 Flykeys LK03S Digital Piano

Standard Upright Digital Piano;

Independent patented technology 88 key Grand-Response hammer action & dynamic curve keyboard;

European top DSP chip, famous grand piano sound sample;

Polyphony: 256(Stereo)

Bluetooth Audio.
Ҥ :
俿 Roland FP30
: Roland
: EPFP30

俿 Roland FP30
Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine
PHA-4 Standard 88-note keybed delivers realistic piano feel and expression
Onboard stereo amplifier and speakers serve up rich, robust sound
Headphone output lets you play at any time without disturbing others
Compact and lightweight for easy transport
Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you use the FP-30 with popular apps
Dual and split modes for duets and self accompaniment
Broad selection of non-piano sounds, including strings, voices, organ, drums, and more
Twin Piano mode lets student and teacher play side by side in identical octave range
USB-to-device memory slot lets you:
Save songs recorded with built-in SMF recorder
Play along with favorite songs in WAV or SMF format
USB-to-host port lets you connect with your computer
Tech Spec
Number of Keys: 88
Type of Keys: Key touch with 5 sensitivities
Presets: 35 tones, 8 rhythms
Polyphony: 128
Effects Types: Ambiance, brilliance, resonance
Sequencer: Standard MIDI File recorder
Song Playback: 30 internal songs (WAV, SMF playback)
Audio Outputs: 1 x 1/8" TRS (headphones), 1 x 1/4" TRS (headphones)
USB: 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
MIDI I/O: Bluetooth (for use with MIDI mobile apps)
Bluetooth: 4.0
Pedal Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (damper), 1 x 8-pin DIN (optional KPD-70 pedal board)
Amplifier: 2 x 11W
Height: 5.87"
Width: 51.18"
Depth: 11.87"
Weight: 31 lbs., 2 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number: FP-30-BK
Ҥ : 35,000
俿 Stage Piano Roland RD-2000
: Roland
: EPRD2000

俿 Roland RD-2000
ҾѺкշشͧ Roland PHA-50 Hybrid Structure Escapement Ebony/Ivory Feel ˹ѡ͹ Concert Grand Piano

§к SuperNATURAL Modeling ෤§شͧ Roland §Ե ԧ 繸ҵẺù

ѧ蹻Ѻ§óẺش ö Layer §ѹ֧ 8 §
Dedicated acoustic piano sound engine provides authentic, richly detailed tone with full polyphony
Second SuperNATURAL-based sound engine with 128-voice polyphony for electric pianos and additional sounds (compatible with RD-800 Live Sets)
Eight knobs with LED status indicators and nine sliders for real-time control of sounds and effects
Eight fully assignable zones for combining internal sounds and external sources (including software instruments)
Classic electric pianos on board, including Rolands legendary RD-1000 and MKS-20
Recreations of vintage analog effects, including the BOSS CE-1 Chorus, Roland Dimension D, and more
Over 1100 non-piano sounds, including organs, strings, brass, synths, and many others
Two wave expansion slots for loading additional sounds from Rolands Axial website
100 Scene memories for saving and recalling setups with one touch
Traditional Roland pitch/mod lever and two assignable wheel controllers
24-Bit/192 kHz USB audio/MIDI interface
Main out (L/Mono, R) jacks: 6.3 mm jack
Main out (L, R) jacks: XLR
Sub out (L, R) jacks: 6.3 mm jack
3.5 mm stereo jack input
Pedals (DAMPER, FC1, FC2, EXT) sockets: TRS 6.3 mm jack
MIDI connectors (IN, OUT1, THRU/OUT2)
USB (COMPUTER) connection: USB Type B
USB (MEMORY) connection: USB Type A
Headphones: 6.3 mm jack
AC in socket
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1412 x 367 x 140 mm
Weight: 21.7 kg
Ҥ : 120,000
ǹŴ : 30,000 (25%)
ҤҢ :
俿 Roland RD700NX
: Roland
: EPRD700nx

俿 Roland RD700NX

The Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano is designed to be a workhorse for the professional musician on stage, during rehearsals, and in recording sessions. Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano Engine delivers stunningly realistic piano sounds, carefully chosen from some of the world's most renowned piano brands.

In addition to pianos, the RD-700NX features an assortment of electric piano and virtual tone wheel organ presets that are sure to please the most demanding musicians. Its 88 keys feature Roland's PHA III Ivory Feel with Escapement for incredibly realistic piano action. Audio and SMF (Standard MIDI File) playback is supported, and a bright LCD display is easily viewed in dimly-lit environments.

SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine (3 grand-piano types, 30 variations), EP based on SuperNATURAL technology (10 EP types, 15 variations)

Hundreds of built-in sounds: 242 normal tones, 10 Tone Wheel organs, 256 GM2 tones, 5 rhythm sets, and 9 GM2 rhythm sets

Storage for 100 Live Sets (combinations of layers, zones, effects, and various tone parameters)

Deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement

Innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard in the mix, even subtle pianissimo passages, without compressing or coloring the sound

Extensive multi-effects processing options

Instant access to standard piano and EP sounds via One Touch Piano buttons

Master MIDI control features plus four MIDI ports (MIDI IN, MIDI OUT x 2, MIDI OUT/THRU)

Balanced XLR outputs; USB ports for data storage and audio-play functionality

Ҥ : 100,000
俿 Roland RD-800
: Roland
: EPRD800

俿 Roland RD-800
Professional stage piano with the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine plus many other top Roland sounds and features
Choose from a wide selection of acoustic pianos voiced for live playing, including a new Concert Grand tone derived from the V-Piano Grand, upright tones, and more
Newly enhanced SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs with authentic vintage sound and feel
Over 1100 additional sounds for versatility on stage, including Virtual Tone Wheel organs, vintage keys, modern synths, and many others
Rolands top-of-the-line PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, equipped with the latest touch-detection technology
Intuitive interface designed for easy operation while performing, with fast access to essential functions such as tone layering, keyboard split point, and more
Manipulate sounds quickly on stage via dedicated controls for Live Set selection, part levels, Modulation FX, Tremolo, Amp Simulator, and more
Tone Color knob provides complex tonal manipulation in real time with a single control
Color LCD and panel knobs with LED indicators provide easy visibility on dark stages
WAV recording/song playback and user memory backup with optional USB flash memory
Master MIDI keyboard controller features; four external pedal connections (Damper, FC1, FC2, and EXT)
1/4-inch and balanced XLR stereo output jacks; convenient 1/8-inch stereo input for connecting a music player or other device
Sleek, durable design with reduced weight for easier transport
Ҥ : 105,000
俿 (Stage Piano) CP1

俿 (Stage Piano) CP1
Maximum Polyphony 128
Tone Generator SCM (Spectral Component Modeling)

Performances Preset 16 x 3 banks
User 16 x 3 banks
External 16 x 3 banks (USB Flash Memory)
Parts 2
Piano Block 17 piano types
Modulation Effect Block 10 types
Power-Amplifier / Compressor Block 8 types
Reverb 8 types
Master Equalizer 5-band

Control Interface
Keyboard 88 keys, NW-STAGE keyboard (Wooden synthetic ivory weighted keyboard)
Display 55 character x 2 lines, vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
Controllers Pitch bend wheel, Master volume, Knobs 1 to 6

Connectors Line Out L/MONO,R (Unbalanced), L, R (Balanced)
Headphones Headphones jack (stereo-phone)
Foot Controller ?2

Width 1,385 mm
Height 173 mm
Depth 420 mm
Weight 27.2 kg

Power Consumption 28W
Additional package contents Power cord, Pedal unit, Illustrated Guide to the CP1 booklet, Owner's Manual, Data List booklet, Software DVD-ROM (Cubase AI)
Ҥ : 185,000
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