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Youtuber & Influencer DI Boxs
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Ѻ Realist ԤѾ Copperhead
: Realist
: EPB05

ѺʻԤѾ Realist Copperhead ҡѰԡ
new Cable developed that has a small db pad and be used with the bass realist if to much power in an amplifier.The Realist? acoustic transducer was designed by Ned Steinberger in collaboration with David Gage. (Free setup & Installation)

Piezo pickups and transducers have a very high output impedance. In order to get the optimum sound output we recommend an amplifier with low impedance input.

Ѻ١ҷʹѺʡѺҧҹԡõԴ駿 ѺСѹѧâ
Ҥ : 9,500
ǹŴ : 3,800 (40%)
ҤҢ :

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
Ǣ§Ѻ Realist Sound Clip
: Realist
: EPB06

Ǣ§Ѻ Realist Sound Clip ҡѰԡ
The Realist SoundClip is the newest innovation from Ned Steinberger and David Gage.
The Realist SoundClip clamps easily on to the bridge of any string bass, without marking or damaging. Clamping allows it to be added to or removed from any bass, at any time without hassle. Great for travelling bassists or for those who want a pick-up only when they are using an amp
The SoundClip sports features that are not found on any other pick-up. The on-board volume knob gives the player full control to adjust output on the spot. Innovative variable weight system helps you contour tone. The SoundClip is fully adaptable to all basses and playing situations.
Ҥ : 10,000
ǹŴ : 500 (5%)
ҤҢ :
ԤѾѺ Realist LifeLine adjuster mounted
: Realist
: EPB20

ԤѾѺ Realist LifeLine adjuster mounted

From the makers of the Realist Copperhead comes the Realist "LifeLine", our newest bass pickup.

The LifeLine comes from the most trusted name in acoustic amplification. Like its predecessors, it?s based on a concept of durable, self-powered, transparent piezo pickups that are easy to use. And like the popular Realist Copperhead, it?s made in the USA.

The Realist LifeLine offers a focused bass sound for those musicians who want a lot of punch without loss of fidelity. It performs well at high volumes, offering a clear sound without boom.

Mounted at the adjuster without glue or fasteners, the LifeLine will fit on most bridges without changing a thing, and it's just as easy to take off. Once installed, the simple design disappears, not drawing attention to itself, preserving the natural beauty of the instrument.
Ҥ : 9,500
ǹŴ : 3,500 (37%)
ҤҢ :
ԤѾѺ Realist Woodtone
: Realist
: EPB21

ԤѾѺ Realist Woodtone
Realist WoodTone for Bass

ҹʴѺʵ蹷Өҡ 1/4 ".
§ҡҾ鹼Ǩж١պѴ硹 繵ͧѺ觡õ駤ҧմ¤ѹѡСôմ

ͧҡʴطӨҡ觨˹ҢͧѺ·ҹͧ Դ駧 դҵԴѺ١ҷʹѺʡѺҧҹѺСѹ

Ҥ : 9,600
ǹŴ : 3,500 (36%)
ҤҢ :
Ѻ Realist Docking Station
: Realist
: EPB22

Ѻ Realist Docking Station
Universal Volume Attenuator
Designed by David Gage and Ned Steinberger
Adjust volume on-the-fly, no matter which string bass pick-up is installed.
This no-fuss dock installs to the tailpiece without fasteners. Simply loosen the strings, mount, tighten. Youre in control.
Jack-Pot? volume control provides flexibility for those who want to bypass resistance altogether. ? la This Is Spinal Tap, this control lets you go all the way up to eleven.

The Docking Station solves jack mounting problems, too. The cable is dressed away neatly from the ? input/output without additional hardware. The tension of the strings holds The Docking Station to the tailpiece, like the loop from the industry standard Realist Copperhead pick-ups. Works with all pick-ups, no batteries required, a passive system.
Ҥ : 3,500
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