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ͧѴ§ BM Recording Studio ͧѹ֡§سҾ
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ᵹҧ鵴 ᵹҧҡյ ᵹҧͧ & Storage Rack
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Ѻǧʵ ѺԷҡ ipad & ᵹ
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ᵹͧ Konig and Meyer 122E Mains Powered
: K&M
: MSL122E

ᵹͧ Konig and Meyer 122E Mains Powered
-High quality stand light.
-Three-way tilt adjustment for precise placement.
-Two metre electrical cable with on-off switch.
-One tubular bulb included.
-Screw-on clamp adjustable up to 20 mm.
-Uses only tubular bulbs with a maximum rating of 25 watts.
-Indoor use only. CE-mark.
Weight: 0.4 kg.
Ҥ : 1,450
ᵹͧẺ˹պ 4 LED two arms with USB MSL04
: MSL04

ᵹͧẺ˹պ 4 LED two with USB arms MSL04
Double Gooseneck: Beam to Any Direction
Function: Available for Music Stand, Book, Repairing etc.
Light Color: Warm White (Other colors for OEM)
Power Consumption: 0.5W
Power Supply: * 3 ? AAA Batteries
* USB Cable
* Adaper
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Packing : Color Box/ Blister Packing
Ҥ : 600

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
ᵹͧẺ˹պ 2 LED two arms AL-M03
: MSL05

ᵹͧẺ˹պ 2 LED two arms AL-M03 Ѻ pianos, music or book stand
* High quality music stand light with two arms and 2-led
* Great for pianos, music or book stand, orchestra pits, dark clubs, etc.
* Fully adjustable lamp with flexible gooseneck
* LED light with switch at the back
* Easy to use with clip-on design
* Beams point any direction with the flectional gooseneck
* You can coil the gooseneck for compact storage
* With USB cable to connect with PC
* Powered by 3pcs AAA batteries (not included)
* Gooseneck Length: Approx. 7 inch / 18cm
* USB Cable Length: Approx. 43 1/2 inch / 110.5cm (Connectors not included)
* Color: Black/White/Pink/Blue/Red
* Material: ABS
* Power Consumption: 0.5W
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Packing : Color Box/ Blister Packing
Accessories for choose:
* Adapter
* 1 x USB cable
Ҥ : 500
: MSL08

- LED 9 ǧ Ѻҧ 2 дѺ
- ẵ AA 3 ͹ ºѺ俻 USB Ѻ
- öԴѺʵ ͧ
- ˹ѡ дǡ
- Ѻ˹ءȷҧ
- öԴ俵ͧ 16 ҧҡ 24 ҧ
- adapter Ѻ

Ҥ : 1,111
ǹŴ : 111 (10%)
ҤҢ :

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
: Mighty Bright
: MSL01

ͧẺ˹պ The Sight Reader, Clip-On Music Light, is a powerful music light with a compact design that fits into almost any instrument case. Useful for gigs or as a practice light, this
handy accessory can be taken everywhere. It features a clip-on or free-standing
design so it can be attached to a music stand as easily as placed on a piano.

And its bright too! Orchestra and stage tested, the Sight Reader is great for use
in dark clubs, at mixers and orchestral use. The light can be used cordless with 4 AA batteries, or with an optional GYC PS500MA AC adaptor.

The light beam is fully adjustable with an arm that collapses for pocket-sized portability.

The Mighty Bright Music Light is a multi- purpose music light used by schools and orchestras,
as well as book readers and travellers.
Ҥ : 350

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
LED Ѻ˹պ XtraFlex Super
: Mighty Bright
: MSL02

LED Ѻ˹պ鵢ͧMighty Bright 'XtraFlex' Super LED Music Light
Features a super bright LED, with extra smooth and even illumination due to a special lens over the single super LED (light emitting diode) which is as bright as three regular LEDs. Energy efficient, powered by three 'AAA' batteries (included). Bulb never needs replacing. Clips on to almost anything, from music to microphone stands and may be used as a handy freestanding task lamp as well.
Ҥ : 550
ͧ Halogen 12 Volt Ѻᵹ Wilde Spieth
: MSL06

ͧ Halogen 12 Volt Ѻᵹ Wilde+Spieth

Broad-beam lamps in attractive goose neck design with a double arm, electrical transformer 230 volt/12 volt with 2 x 20 watt NV halogen lamp, grounded plug, four-meter supply cable with dimmer for phase control.
Ҥ :
ͧ LED wireless music stand
: MSL07

ͧ LED wireless music stand

The new LED lamp by
oliver based
on the concept by ARUP (London)
enables orchestra musicians to
illuminate their music stands in an
optimal way.
Cables are no longer necessary
on the stage, since the LED lamp
is battery-operated.
The DMW Wireless Dimming technology
can be integrated into lighting concepts as
shown by the Vienna Boys Choir, the first
users of the LED lamp.
Ҥ :
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