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ǻѺͧѺ Aluminium Bridge Mechanism
: Moser
: PBB07

ǻѺͧѺ Moser Bridge Mechanism Өҡ Aluminium

The new patent bridge mechanism, with or without height adjustment, for increasing the vibration transfer capacity of stringed instruments, offers the user the following definite advantages.
Installation of the MPM allows the adjustment of the height of the strings, adapted to each player's individual style, thus ensuring easier play. Thanks to the freedom of movement of the bridge top, the strings respond quickly and easily. These advantages are a result of the joints built into the MPM mechanism, which give the bridge base an optimal hold on the belly of the instrument at all times. The bridge base does not lift even when the height adjustment of the bridge is set considerably higher on one side than on the other. The bridge feet are optimally positioned on the belly when the bridge moves in several directions during play, or when the bridge itself is positioned to lean backwards or forwards. The extremely light yet extremely robust materials used in the MPM guarantee long-lasting function. The precision installation of the MPM and the separation of the bridge feet from the bridge top prevent any bending of the bridge. Your own bridge can also be used, even if it is already bent due to the pressure of the strings. As confirmation of the positive experiences players were having with the MPM, the company Horst Gr?nert commissioned a test comparison between an ordinary bridge and an MPM bridge. The result of the test, which was carried out by the Austrian Federal Office for Physical-Technical Testing in Braunschweig, revealed the following:
"Use of the adjustable bridge produces an increase in the total sound level over the whole acoustic range, without producing any alteration in the resonant tone characteristic of the double bass. These improvements are even more marked in the upper descant than in the lower note range. The sound of the instrument thereby acquires a greater total volume and, above all, a clearer, more well-defined and brilliant tone."

System: Mechanism for improving the vibration transfer capacity of the bridge in stringed instruments with integrated height adjusters
Materials: Titanium, mechanism Wolframcarbid coated; alternative: brass/aluminium combination

Color: Athrazit

Maximum height adjustment: double bass ca. 6 mm

Weight: double bass 12.9 g (0.028lb) per side

Bridge: installation in existing or new bridge possible
Installation: the quality of the installation is a significant component of the overall effect of MPM; therefore, the installation of MPM should only be carried out by the Klangwerkstatt or by a luthier.
Height adjustment: the standard model we deliver includes a height adjustment.
Ҥ : 1,500
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