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ͧѴ§ BM Recording Studio ͧѹ֡§سҾ
ͧº§ & ͧШѧ & Capo
ͧº§ ͧ˹ѧ ͧº§ & ˹ѧ
¡д Panasonic Capo Ѻյ ͧù
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ͧº§С˹ѧ Intelli IMT-300
: Intelli
: MT300

ͧº§С˹ѧ Intelli IMT-300
1. metronome
tempo range : 30 to 250 beats per minute
5 subdivisions of beats- eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth, triplet and sixteenths with middle rests
accented beats 0,2,3,4,5,6,7 with 3 different tones for the strong beat a chime / weak beat a drum / subdivisions wood block
when accented beat is set the light flashes red for the first beat and green on the other beats
volume control is continuously adjustable by a knob
the Intelli Imt301 has Large LCD screen simulates swinging of pendulum
tempo is quickly selected with center circular selector
auto off function turns the unit off of 3 minutes of no signal detection.
all settings are maintained after the unit is turned off.

2. digital auto tuner
dual mode : choose either chromatic or guitar
built in microphone for acoustic instruments or an input jack (1/4?) for electric instruments.
pitch shift 430 Hz to 449Hz in 1Hz steps and Quadra Flat Tuning flatting 4 steps
3 color leds shows in tune or miss tune. LCD meter indicates how closely it tuned in cents scale.
tuning range : A0-B7 8 octaves

3. pitch generator
Generates sounds from A0 to C8 (88 piano sounds) with pitch from 430 to 449 Hz.
1 step = 1Hz
36 mm dynamic speaker
Specifications :
quickly change the note with the center circular selector
the volume is controlled continuously this is a loud generator
earphone jack earphone not included
uses a 9 volt battery (included)
has a plug for an AC adapter (not included)
flip out metal stand
dimensions : 6,2 x 14,6 x 2,4 cm
weight : 149 gr. (including battery)
includes vinyl carrying case
made in Korea
Ҥ : 2,111
ǹŴ : 211 (10%)
ҤҢ :
6-12 item(s): 1,583 ҷ (25%)

13-12 item(s): 1,056 ҷ (50%)

ͧº§С˹ѧ Intelli IMT-301
: Intelli
: MT301

ͧº§С˹ѧ Intelli IMT-301
The Intelli 5-in-1 Digital Metro Tuner and Thermo Hygrometer has all the features you need in one compact unit. The thermo-hygrometer has a temperature range from 14F to 140F, a humidity range from 20% to 90%, celsius or farenheit settings. The reference pitch generator with a chromatic scale range of 88 pitches, pitch shift and continuously adjustable volume control. LCD display, rolling setting dial and volume control. 9V battery included.

LCD display and LED lights
Tempo Range 30-250bpm
5 rhythms and 3 tones (chime, drum, or wood block)
7 beat settings
Tuning Range A0-B7
Built in mic
Pitch Shift Calibration 430-449Hz
+/-0.5 cent tuning accuracy
Input Jack
AC Adaptor Jack (AC adaptor not included)
Earphone Jack
Fold-out stand
Volume Control
Memory Function
2 AAA batteries
Product Dimensions: 2.5" W x 6" H x 1" D
Ҥ : 2,111
ǹŴ : 211 (10%)
ҤҢ :
6-12 item(s): 1,583 ҷ (25%)

13-12 item(s): 1,056 ҷ (50%)

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