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ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5013
: W. Schreiber
: BN5013

ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5013
Ҥ : 400,000
ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5016
: W. Schreiber
: BN5016

ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5016
Schreiber Model S16 Intermediate Bassoon
Key of C. Alpine maple body, high D and E keys, 25 keys, 5 hard rubber tonehole linings, 4 rollers, 2 bocals (KE 1 and 2).
Ҥ : 450,000
ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5031
: W. Schreiber
: BN5031

ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5031

This instrument has a high E key on the wing joint. This helps avoid the smallest inaccuracies. The mechanism from this model upwards is fixed with axle nuts and pointed head screws.
This provides greater stability, and avoids disturbing background noise. The handcrafted mechanism offers maximum playing comfort.
Wood : Mountain maple wood
Keys : 25 with higher D- and E key
Doubled C lever / whisper key lock / high E key / Bb and right hand C# trill key
Keywork finish : Silver-plated nickel silver mechanism
Rollers : 4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb
Crook : 2 crooks (KER 1 & 2)
Ҥ : 600,000
ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5071
: W. Schreiber
: BN5071

ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5071

On this model we have extended the handcrafted mechanism with an E key. The levers for the right thumb have bee fitted with rollers (Bb, round E-plateau, F#), allowing even faster and surer fingering.
This professional Schreiber bassoon guarantees the musician a maximum of playing and sound qualities.
Wood : Mountain maple wood
Keys : 26 with higher D- and E key
Doubled C lever / whisper key lock / high E key / Bb and right hand C# trill key
Keywork finish : silver-plated nickel silver mechanism
Rollers : 7 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb, B-E-Plateau-F#
Crook : 3 crooks (KER 1 & 2, KDR1)
Ҥ : 620,000
ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5091
: W. Schreiber
: BN5091

ʫٹ W. Schreiber WS5091

The handcrafted mechanism provides many additional features. The wing joint has an extra high E key and a link between the A and whisper keys.
The boot joint has been extended with a detachable Ab/Bbtrill key.
The wing joint and the narrow side of the boot joint are lined with synthetic resin.
The bottom and the wide side of the boot joint have been lined with Luracast epoxy resin to above the A-flat to avoid damage
from humidity.
The 5 finger holes and the G tone hole are lined with nickel silver.
The S91 Schreiber bassoon is everything an instrumentalist could wish for.

Wood : Mountain maple wood
Keys : 28
Doubled Eb key, high D and high Eb keys on the wing joint
Detachable Ab-Bb trill key
Linkage from the A key to the whisper key
Keywork finish :
Nickel silver bushings
Rollers :
9 rollers: F#-F-Ab, C#-Eb, Bb, 2x E-plateaux, F#
Crooks : 3
Balanced holder
Carved handrest in grenadilla wood
Ҥ : 980,000
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